The Chilli Rush Experience

I just had an orgasmic chilli high at The Chilli Rush.

I came to know of the outlet through colleagues and given my attraction to all things spicy, my interest was piqued. The outlet serves pretty good food at ordinary spiciness levelsbut its signature dishes are the level 1 to level 10 of increasingly spicy chicken wings (vegetarian tofu wings are available as well). How bad is level 10? Well, let’s put it this way – level 8 is labelled “Insanity:)  So, naturally, I had to go for level 10.

I’ve had previous experience with Bhut Jolokia, literally “Ghost Chilli”, which currently stands as the world’s hottest chilli. It is 15 times hotter then cili padi. And so, I was prepared mentally for level 10.

When the Level 10 dish arrived, the air was potent and threatening. I could smell the chili in the air and I just had to have a taste of it. My first bite left me slightly disappointed for a few seconds but that did not last long; the chilli took a minute to take effect and when it did, it hit hard. I ate a couple more pieces and played it cool in front of my colleagues but there was no doubt that the chili was definitely hot.

I took a breather, got some water and iced chocolate to prepare for finishing the dish at one go. Nazar prepared his stopwatch (the Chilli Rush Challenge requires finishing the dish in less then 2 minutes and I wanted to benchmark myself), Ben the video camera, and I carefully positioned the water and iced chocolate in front myself and then, it was a GO!

The first few tofu pieces didn’t quite register. One quarter way through, the spiciness started to hit hard. My tongue started burning, my ears heated up, my face was flushed. I kept going, with a few gulps of water and iced chocolate through it. The heat, though, kept building up and my stomach was beginning to protest (more due to having had lunch than the actual spiciness).

Half way through, the chili went into overdrive. Tears were rolling down my eyes, my face was hot to the touch and my ears felt as though steam was being bellowed out. My hand had tremors and I noticed my muscles were involuntarily spasming. It wasn’t painful, it was just … different.

The experience was way too awesome to stop and so I continued. I continued to gulp down the pieces and before I knew it, 2 minutes were up. There were 3 small pieces left on the plate – so close! Here’s a video Ben took:

At this point, I wasn’t quite registering what was happening around me. The diaphanous veil of the Bhut had enveloped me and I was too far gone to appreciate that Ditesh no longer existed. It was the chili through and through at that point. The owner brought me warm water and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I sipped the water.

Those who have had spicy food with warm water will know the immediate effect warm water has on the body. A jolt of electricity spiked through my body and endorphin’s kicked in. And at that point, I found nirvana. The magesty of the universe flowed through me and I was one with all things beautiful. Think of a post-sexual-orgasm-cigarette and multiply that by a billion. It was a sublime blissfully pulchritudinous experience, majestic and magnificent. I cried with joy.

In 10 minutes, it was all over. The burning abated, the tears stopped flowing, my ears and face went back to normal. I was left with a soft endorphin-ic afterglow.

I’m writing this an hour later and I’m feeling just wonderful. Level 10 has made my day and introduced me to a whole new experience, in a way I wouldn’t have been able to predict or even fathom previously.

So, what’s next? I’ll take the Chilli Rush challenge for real and go up on their wall of fame!

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2 Responses to The Chilli Rush Experience

  1. Walter says:

    Haha, nice story Ditesh! Almost feels like you live through it when reading this. One more reason to come back to KL :)

  2. LOL… >.<
    I bet Nando's extra hot sauce doesn't even register on your tongue after an experience like that… and I usually just take hot.. :P

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